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Take Notice

Posters for charity event deemed 'anti-social' - Telegraph
Villagers have been barred from putting up posters inviting people to charity events because it is "anti-social".

Volunteers in the hamlet of Misterton, Somerset, regularly use the village hall for coffee mornings and jumble sales to raise money for good causes.

Because of the building's isolated location they often put notices up around the village to drum up interest for the functions.

However, they were threatened with prosecution after local council officials discovered notices pinned up on a lamp post advertising a children's charity bingo.

Ah, lamp posts and council officials, the two go together like a rickety chair and a length of hempen rope. I'm sure the locals know the difference between flyposting and local notices, and I'm sure they can manage to deal with the problem without a man in a hi-viz coat helping....


Surely you realise that no-one can deal with any problem without a man in a hi-viz coat helping. Otherwise, what would those men do?

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