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Is Gordon planning complusory teenage stimulation?

ID cards may be issued by coercion, says leaked memo - Times Online
“Various forms of coercion, such as designation of the application process for identity documents issued by UK ministers (eg, passports) are an option to stimulate applications in a manageable way.

“There are advantages to designation of documents associated with particular target groups, eg, young people who may be applying for their first driving licence.”

Don't you just love the language, the whole dressing up of "coercion" - at the barrel of a gun - with talk of "advantages" and "stimulating applications". This obfuscation is worthy of a totalitarian regime.


I seriously hope the Conservatives get into government before this stuff starts happening. If Labour set the ball in motion before 2010 we're all in serious trouble.

I could do with a bit o' compulsory teenage stimulation myself. Know what I mean, eh? Know what I mean? Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?

...I'll get my coat.

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