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Natural Crime

Tycoon's £300,000 blot on the landscape - Telegraph

A landowner is facing a bill of almost £300,000 after his management company admitted illegally driving two tracks through one of Britain's finest shooting estates.

He invested a further £3 million in utility buildings and infrastructure and expressed his determination to restore 3,000 acres of wildlife habitat that had become degraded.

Yesterday, however, Mr Cannon, 66, was taken to court by Natural England...When a conservation officer visited the moor, he found two new roads about 1,000 yards long....."The construction of the tracks and parking areas has resulted in the loss of 4,433 square metres of internationally important upland habitat."

Muddling through the Imperial and metric numbers it seems that he damaged 0.037% (less than 4 hundreth of a percent) of the moor. On Salisbury Plain the Army have been commended for building a vast new network of roads because while the tracks destroy small areas by keeping traffic off the rest there is a net gain. But obviously crimes against "merlin, moorhens, short-eared owls, red grouse, snipe, curlew and redshank." deserve the full weight of the law.


Just by way of an amusing coincidence, that is about the same percentage as the "damaging" CO2 in the atmosphere.

Hang on a minute. This guy owned the land, right? So why are the representatives of 'Natural England' not providing sport for the crows from their positions in sundry gibbets dotted about his estate?

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