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Fifty pieces of silver - the price of treachery

50poldbritanniajpg.jpgBritannia loses her place on British coins - Telegraph

The image of Britannia, which has graced British coins for centuries, is to be removed from the 50 pence piece as part of a redesign by the Royal Mint.
Gordon Brown personally approved the change as one of his last acts as Chancellor of the Exchequer, despite his current campaign to push Britishness...

I wonder what the Jelly Bellied Flag Flapper would like instead...



Perhaps not what Mayer Amschel Rothschild was thinking when he said: "Give me control of a nation's money
and I care not who makes the laws." In the United Soviets of Europe (Anglo Sector) even the change in your pocket (slowly being devalued by the inflation tax) is a piece of propoganda.

Even more depressing is this snippet from your quoted source "The Queen is also said to be supportive of the scheme."

If that is true, what is she there for? Actually I know what she's there for: the preponderant interest of the monarch (not just the present one but all of them as far back as you want to go) is the preservation of the monarchy and - closer to home - the preservation of the Mountbatten-Windsors as the ruling dynasty. Apparently conniving in the dumping Britannia from the coinage and - as I fully expect - refusing to veto the upcoming bill approving accession to the Lisbon Treaty cannot be excused as the feebleness of an old lady but, on the contrary, is consistent with the mistaken belief that if she does nothing she - and the monarchy and her family - will be spared any blame.

Rule Britania(xscuse spelling)dont change anything save the money and spend it on defence.Telegraph reader (outraged of Basingstoke0

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