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Dave the Ditherer?

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Snouts in the Trough

Cameron should dump Derek, not dither indecisively.

Right or wrong this is politics, a brutal game where impressions count. Dave has a chance to show some decisive cojones and contrast himself to Brown. He must do it, now.


If he doesn't do anything, the suspicion will be that he can't because it will expose other MPs who are doing the same thing.

That's exactly the same conclusion as I reached on my blog this morning. Where is Cameron? What is he achieving by running away from the crisis?

It depends if Cameron and his inner circle are clean or not. There is an awfull lot of fiddling of expenses going on. I hope this leads to total transparency. An expense is an expense. It is not a hidden reward for wife, son or daughter or anyone else.

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