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Leaked NIS ID Cards Document

Download or read it here: NIS_Options_Analysis_Outcome.pdf

Last week's leaked PowerPoint was six slides of timelines with about a page of bullet points. This document is seven sides of A4, all text, summarising all the options and approaches on which IPS is working. "Senior officials from IPS, the Borders Agency, the Treasury, Cabinet Office and Office of Government Commerce have contributed to the options analysis."

Last week was 'WHAT we're going to do', this is 'WHY, and HOW'...

New news (just a few examples, I'm sure you'll find more):

1) [Page 4, bullet point 3] Despite current assertions they are sticking with fingerprints, the strategy clearly includes options to gather personal information and issue ID cards WITHOUT fingerprints, e.g. "rising 16 year olds could be sent pre-populated forms for the Inclusion card... which would only need to be signed and returned".

2) [Page 4, bullet point 5] Indication that up to 10% of the population will be called in for 'interrogation' (ID interviews).

3) [Page 3, bullet point 1] Language suggests it will effectively be compulsory to *carry* the card - counter to Ministerial assertion.

4) [Page 5,'Next Steps', bullet point 1] Initial target groups ("trusted
relationships") to be identified and confirmed by end of January 2008 - i.e.
within the next 48 hours!

5) [Page 4, bullet point 6] They are explicitly pursuing a policy of "coercion" not compulsion because universal compulsion "cannot be delivered quickly due to the need for inevitably controversial and time consuming primary legislation and would pose serious political, enforcement and resource challenges."

More at NO2ID


Oh good lord, it's Stalag England now: Ihre Papiere, bitte!

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