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Repealing the Law

Repeal of old law lets brass bands play in City - Telegraph

The 19th century law, which levied a 40-shilling fine on recalcitrant musicians, is one of 328 obsolete pieces of legislation which the Law Commission wants to repeal.

17 such Bills have been enacted since 1965 repealing more than 2000 Acts in their entirety.

Of course, this is a huge task and there are many ancient laws and legal curiosities that are still in use today.

Looking through the proposals it is all very well wanting to repeal Geo.3 c.cxxxiii (1806) (East India Company and the Nabobs of the Carnatic Act) but surely there are several thousand more that have been brought in more recently that should go for the chop as well. I can certainly think of a few....


Can I still pot a jock with a longbow, or have the interfering sods taken away that pleasure too?

Firearms Act 1920 please.

yeah,the Hunting Act for one! I see they are busy trying to turn Ireland into Pol Pot's Cambodia.

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