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Tories at their best

Conservatives not prepared to tolerate sleaze - Telegraph

By Iain Dale

In some ways, this episode showed the Tory party at its worst. A baying throng took over Conservative blogs, howling for a ritual execution. Cameron is known to read blogs and might have been affected by what he read on Monday evening. Perhaps conservativehome.com claimed its first political scalp this week. Virtually every one of the hundreds of comments called for Conway's head. The vitriol had to be read to be believed. It was the same on my blog. If these people do represent the Tory grassroots, the grass had been well and truly uprooted. The message was clear: up with sleaze we will not put.

Although it made uncomfortable reading, this reaction demonstrates that the Conservative Party has changed. The membership won't put up with any sign of wrongdoing and doesn't hesitate to tell the leadership so.

I disagree - I think it showed Tories at their best, passionate about upholding standards. And a great contrast to the nuLabour machine.


I agree...I'm impressed that action was taken...without waiting to test the water over protracted period..they may get me to vote yet.

Too bloody right. There's venal and corrupt bastards of all stripes in Westminster. At least most of those sympathetic to the opposition side had the honesty to call for equal treatment of both Hain and Conway. And at least Cameron had the balls to act (a little late, but still faster than Gordon).

Maybe the message is getting through.

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