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School Dinners

Mad boar shot dead at primary school - Telegraph

A wild boar has been shot dead at a school after it became aggressive while children were being dropped off at the gates.

The adult male, which had entered the primary's fenced off conservation area, began stomping its feet and charging after a Forestry Commission ranger was called to assess the situation...

Peter Knight, the head teacher of the primary, said: "No child was present when the animal was destroyed and we will be holding a special assembly this afternoon to explain to all the children what happened.

"We did try to avoid this situation, but the safety of our pupils, staff and parents has to be priority."

What the kids would really like is not a soppy explanation but a raging fire with the boar slowly turning on the spit above it.


Damned good idea! Nothing like a hog roast. Except maybe the French delicacy 'head cheese'... Now if only they would put a glass cabinet in the playground with a nice doublerifle and the words "break in case of hog" on it, they could teach the kids some fine life skills and save the cost of a ranger coming to protect them in one fell swoop!

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