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Climb every mountain

Mountain bikers roam Essex for a suitably taxing Olympic gradient - Times Online

Mountain bikers are scouring Essex for a suitable Olympic venue for their event after the one chosen by organisers of the 2012 Games was deemed too flat. London Olympic organisers want to keep the event – which became a part of the Olympics for the first time at Atlanta in 1996 – in Essex. They had previously ruled out the Chilterns for being too far from the Olympic Park in East London.

Essex’s highest point is just 148 metres (485ft). Experts in the sport say that the minimum requirement is for a height difference of about 300 metres from the lowest to the highest point of the course.

How about the pile of taxpayer's cash, that must be high enough.


'ang on! What's this "too far malarky"? Wasn't the whole bloody thing punted as being advantageous for the whole of Britain?

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