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French Kissing

Tony Blair casts himself as a candidate for European president - Times Online
Tony Blair is speaking remarkably fluent French these days, as listeners to France’s main radio station discovered yesterday.

The former Prime Minister, who once boasted solid schoolboy French, has suddenly mastered a new political vocabulary and held his own against the country’s toughest interviewer.

For 20 minutes facing Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, a veteran inquisitor and boss of the Europe-1 station, Mr Blair showed off his French which has become suspiciously slick of late.

The reason for the timing of his resignation as our Glorious Leader is becoming clearer, though Mike Smithson would bet against Tony getting the job - Gordon is not going to like it.


What's the betting that there was a deal done about Brown getting the job of PM for Blair getting Brown's support for 'Blair for president'?

Or am I being too cynical?

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