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Groundhog Day Climate

Human impact brings Earth to dawn of new epoch - Times Online
Human impact on the world has been so comprehensive that it has ushered in a new geological epoch, which scientists have called the Anthropocene era.

The Earth is still officially in the Holocene epoch, which began 11,750 years ago with climate changes that marked the end of the last ice age but geologists now suggest that a successor to the Holocene has started because of the changes wrought since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams, of the University of Leicester, led calls for the change after identifying a range of profound impacts. Among the biggest that they highlighted were global temperatures, a transformation in erosion and sedimentation patterns, ocean acidification, changes to the carbon cycle and global temperatures..

So bad they noticed it twice! This is why the climate research which shows the temperature over the last couple of thousand years is so important - the AGW bandwagon needs our present warm period to be "unprecedented" - but if the peasants in the Middle Ages and Iron Age man also enjoyed similar halcyon days, despite practising green living, then a central plank of their alarmism is shown to be rotten.


I have a theory - totally unqualified to prove it - that "Merrie England" was a folk memory of the Mediaeval Warm Period, when growing seasons were long, warm and productive.

I don't know of any references up here to Merrie Scotland. Perhaps we were pretty gloomy until someone invented whisky.

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