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Rural Robbery

Rural areas staggering under council taxes - Telegraph
Rural communities are hardest hit by council tax, which takes £8 in every £100 people earn in some areas.

Hundreds of thousands of people from Devon in the South West to Northumberland in the North East are paying four times as much council tax - in relative terms - as people in other parts of the country, research by The Daily Telegraph shows today.

In some metropolitan areas, especially in London, locals have to pay no more than £2 or £3 for every £100 they earn. The figures, which compare the average Band D council tax in each local authority with the average salary in each area, highlight the postcode lottery of the tax, which has become an increasing burden for millions of families over the past decade.

That is 8% after Gordon has robbed us of 50% in tax and NI, and we don't even benefit from the daily rubbish collections and the outreaching lesbians - time to sharpen the pitchforks.


time to sharpen the pitchforks? Time to get the lead out more like it mate.

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