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Spot the biggest scammer

Cyber-savvy town gets rich on eBay frauds - Times Online
HUNDREDS of people in the poor Romanian town of Dragasani have grown rich by conning eBay online auction customers with deals that seem too good to be true - and often are.

With few local jobs available in this industrial town in Romania’s Valcea wine-growing region, defrauding eBay customers has became a popular career path for many of Dragasani’s young people.

The scammers have even put the new town hall up for sale on eBay, the mayor admitted last week. “I mean, who would want it?” he asked.

Despite growing concern about online frauds, the European Union has poured £150,000 into computer training courses in Dragasani over the past three years in “special recognition” of its IT skills.


money from the E.U. and it produced a result?..must be a first.

The IT literate guys of Dragasani still have a long way to compete with our dear (in every sense) MPs who support their entire tribe (family, in-laws and lovers) out of public money. Those greedy idiots were parted willingly out their money on Ebay. In the MPs cases, nobody asked the fleeced taxpayers whether they want or not to support the Conways of this country and their ilk.

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