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Has Global Warming Stopped?

Philip Stott asks Ooops! Has Global Warming Stopped?

Since 1998, ‘global warming’ appears to have - wait for it - stopped. The data is taken from the UK Met Office’s ‘HadCRUT3’ dataset, a globally-gridded product of near-surface temperatures, consisting of annual differences from 1961-90 normals. The full data set is available here, covering the period from 1850 to the present.


Global Warming Has Stopped!
Shout it from the rooftops, from your PCs, and from your Apple Macs.
Brrr! Time for a single malt to celebrate. “Slàinte!”


Ah, but this data does not support the doctrine of chicken licken and therefore must be discarded.

Has Global Warming Stopped?

Not necessarily - temperatures may fluctuate within an overall trend upwards. You may believe that, or that we evil scientists are up to no good as you please.

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