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Wendy Woes, Harman next?

Scottish Labour leader faces new inquiry into donations | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
The Scottish Labour leader, Wendy Alexander, has refused to resign after it emerged that prosecutors are to launch a new investigation into her failure to declare nearly £10,000 in donations. She brushed off the investigation as a "distraction", insisting she did nothing wrong....10 donations of between £950 and £999 last autumn...She refused to explain why neither she nor her campaign aides had declared the donations when she first received them, and had waited more than two months before approaching the Scottish parliament's standards office for advice.....She was also pressed yesterday to explain why those donations were needed, as she went into the leadership contest unopposed.

10 donations just under the limit she thought would mean she had to declare them...some coincidence....


Sigh, same old waste of resources, tracking down donations.

MacSleeze :((

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