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Anjana Ahuja - Times Online

...the status of victim is popular among the dwindling numbers of climate-change deniers, largely because they cannot fall back on the comfort of facts.

There, consider yourselves admonished for questioning the consensus, the Konnie Huq of science writing has spoken, all resistance is futile.


Facts? Record cold reported by Hong Kong, China, and parts of Canada? Snow in Iraq, Saudi, Palestine? Glaciers now starting to advance after years in retreat?

Or is this a definition of a 'fact' that I was not aware of? Read JunkScience.com and climate-skeptic.com for a more 'factual' view.

What is an Anjana Ahuja, and why does it think we should pay it any heed?

Gotta wonder what facts she is talking about. The two quietest hurricane seasons on record, Polar Bear numbers increasing, more ice in Antarctica, satellite temperature records flat despite increasing C02, those kind of facts?

No, thought not.

Hard to take these people seriously, actually - what is she, a Media Studies graduate I suppose.


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