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Back to the Future

Filling out my day book to try and recall what I have frittered the working hours away on I was suddenly struck with a thought - what I need is not some fancy electronic organiser but a book like thing with a page a day, plus some blank pages for notes and somewhere for phone numbers etc - put it all in a leather cover with a clip and I would be sorted. Bugger me I have just reinvented the filofax! Luckily a quick rootle in the office found my old battered one from when I was a thrusting young thing in the 80s, last used 1993. New diary pages ordered off eBay and away we go!
Pah to all you Apple worshipping techno geeks!

And flicking on the old 405 line television I was pleased to see Patrick Moore still gazing skywards through his monocle. Just what I need I thought as my left eye is fine but the right eye, my shooting eye, is as duff as a Gordon Brown joke book. A quick Google and I find the chappies at Budgetspex can do you a prescription one for £25. Got to be worth a try..

Pip, pip!


Mr E

If you're shopping online could I suggest something from here?

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