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Survival kit for the urban jungle

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Revellers to get 'survival kits'

Special packs containing lollipops, flip-flops and condoms are being handed out to late night revellers in Swindon...The goodie bags also contain a bottle of water to counteract dehydration and a personal attack alarm...

Councillor Colin Lovell said: "This project is a demonstration of the holistic approach we take when dealing with the night time economy in Swindon to ensure it is a safe place to enjoy."

Not quite the "holistic approach" I take when packing a bag to survive a night in Swindon, I would tend to favour something a bit more robust than lollipops and flip-flops. Can you guess what the flip flops are for?


What the flip flops are for? no clue...spankys? Knee pads?

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