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Polar Disorder

A black-and-white issue — polar bears v oil - Times Online
A confrontation between big oil and environmentalists opens today in Alaska when America invites bids for millions of acres of polar bear habitat in the Chukchi Sea, where 15 billion barrels of crude oil lie waiting to be tapped. Bidding will get under way days before a ruling on whether the animal, the poster child for the ravages of global warming, should be added to the list of endangered species...

Pictures of exhausted and emaciated polar bears clinging forlornly to shrinking ice floes have become icons of the global movement to halt climate change. Populations are in sharp decline, a trend that environmentalists blame on the shrinking of their sea ice habitats because of man-made global warming. Critics say that the global polar bear population, at 25,000, is far from extinction and question the human hand in their decline. The US Geological Survey, however, estimates that two thirds of polar bears will die off by the mid-century if sea ice continues to melt at the expected pace.

Listing an animal under the Endangered Species Act compels the US Government to protect it. If the polar bear were to be added to the list, it would create an extraordinary political and environmental precedent. The factors that have propelled other species on to the list include hunting and habitat loss. If the polar bear were to be listed as endangered, it would recognise for the first time global warming as a factor in the threatened extinction of a species and, environmentalists say, compel the Government to halt climate change.

Being the well informed reader you are you will know that Polar Bear numbers are way above the number estimated in the 1950s and about the same as twenty years ago, you will know they survived warmer periods in the thousands of years they have been on earth , you will know that the pretty pictures of bears on melting floes show them "waving not drowning" and yet the constant media barrage is of their threatened status. They being whored to sell green extremism.


The times is now at the point the guardian was 10-15 years ago...and rapidly declining...to be avoided.Telegraph o.k. but also on the slide...just what is your average right wing nutter to read?

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