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Failure to grass on the Council's say so.

£5,000 trial for mother of three 'who threw an apple core from car window'| News | This is London

Kate Badger was charged with 'knowingly causing the deposit of controlled waste, namely an apple core, on land which did not have a waste management licence'

She denies that charge and a second charge of failing to provide information about who actually did throw the apple.

Let's just pass over the nonsense of the council chasing an apple core thrower (alleged) through the courts and look at that second charge: failing to provide information about who actually did throw the apple.

WTF? Is it a criminal offence now not to grass up your friends?

If a person fails to provide relevant information, prosecution will normally be pursued. If the information is of vital importance to the Council's activities, an injunction should be sought requiring the offender to provide the information. Where the information is required by way of a formal notice, failure to comply with the notice will normally lead to prosecution.

Didn't there used to be a right to silence, or did I dream it?


This is in front of a jury, right. Someone needs to point out to them that when they believe a law is unjust they just have to find the defendant not guilty.

It's their duty.

Yet the judge will tell the jury that they must be judges of the facts not the law, it is not their business to decide if the law is unjust; just to decide if they are guilty of trangressing the law as it stands.
Bollocks of course.

It's up to the prosecution to prove that she did throw the apple core and not up to her to prove that she did not . If the Warden can not identify her as the person who threw the core then the case will not be proved ..surely ?
If she chooses to give evidence in her own defence then it is likely that the details of the passenger will be asked for but I'm not sure what the situation is about her requirement to tell the court who that person was ......If sufficient doubt is raised about who actually threw the apple core then I fail to see how the Court can find her guilty .

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