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The World is running out of........


As a mining engineer, one particular bugbear of mine is the classic “the world’s going to run out of oil/coal/unobtainium/phuloshite in the next X years” article. The latest case is today’s article by Magnus Linklater in which he makes the statement that world uranium supplies will start running out by 2010. I realise that such doomsday stories are grist to your mill and sell copy, but you really are doing yourselves a great disservice by simply quoting numbers without understanding them. Especially those issued by the press officers of certain environmental NGO’s or others with agendas of their own.

But instead of using my blog to just rant and rail about MSM stupidity I have decided to try and do something constructive for once. To this end I have spent some of my own time, entirely free of charge, creating a handy reference guide to mineral Reserves and Resources for you to cut out and keep.


It is an excellent post and well worth the 10-15 minutes it takes to read it as he explains in very clear terms how the mining industry works as far as Reserves and Resources go.

Thanks for the mention. I just pray someone, anyone reads it and perhaps starts asking questions. It's getting lonely out hear, screaming into the void.

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