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Thomas Crapper, eat your heart out

Climate Resistance: Eco-Slums for Eco-Proles

You and Yours (a daily consumer affairs magazine on BBC Radio 4) ran a feature on Britain's planned "eco-towns", last Monday . [podcast available here]

The feature began with a group of school children being given a tour of an eco-house.

TOM WALLIS: Okay. We're in the bathroom now. And as you remember, this is the eco-house, so everything in this house is good for the environment. Okay. So you'll be able to see that this toilet is totally different to the toilets you've got at home. That's because it uses no water at all. This is actually a compost toilet.


JESSICA ROSE: Tom Wallis is giving a group of school children a tour around Leicester's eco-house. It's been built by an environmental charity and it's packed full of green technology to give visitors ideas about how to make their homes more environmentally-friendly.

TOM WALLIS: So this toilet doesn't use any water at all. Actually, when you go to the toilet here, it's all stored at the bottom. And every so often you have to give it a little stir. And then, once in a while, you have to take it outside and bury it in the garden. And that'll turn into really good compost for feeding your flowers.

JESSICA ROSE: But the government want to go further than one eco-home. It wants to build ten new green towns called 'eco-towns'.

So what is it these children are being asked to look forward to? This story epitomises the inability to create positive ideas about the future. All that can be promised is crappy little houses for crappy little people, which are all about 'reducing impact', not the possibility of exciting new towns and cities offering new opportunities and way of life. What is being created are eco-slums, where only the basic needs of the inhabitants are met. They may even have to throw their own shit out of the window, just as in the old slums. Gardyloo? Not in our back yard.


Why don't we all just shit and piss directly on the flower beds?

Like I used to do in my student days.

"crappy little houses"

No kidding. It sounds like the houses will stink after a short while with all that excrement just staying put.

Mmmm. I seem to remember that China uses human waste in a similar manner without the processing we use in the UK and there are issues with it as some pathogens remain viable even after composting. Thus certain diseases can get passed on from the waste to anyone who comes in contact with it if they don't handle it right. Children or dogs digging in flower beds anyone?

yet another exampleof changing things put in place for health reasons being changed for political reasons.

Although to be honest maybe they have advanced a bit since I looked at it. Maybe it is much safer now but for some reason I doubt it. It'll just be another example of us storing waste at home with all the attendant hazards because the state says we must. So as well as 4 recycling bins I need space for my crap as well. Literally.

The worse part about this will be no crap tipping at all as it is full of our DNA.

hmmmm back to where I started.... living in a house with no sanitation, a tap outside and candles and oil lamps for lighting.
That's progress.... and in only 60 years !
ps human waste was dug into the veg patch in a deep trench, not spread over the surface as in Korea ( Korean War; Max Hastings )

Great.I have n't stopped chuckling since I read this,absolutely made my day here in dank,drizzly West Wales.I must have a scatological sense of humour.The quarrymen here would,years ago , soak the facing stones for the better houses in vats of piss. The urea would permanently bring out the haematite,giving a brown colour to an otherwise dark grey stone.Ty Bach (little house} is a name sometimes given by Sais incomers to their abode,without realising,surely, that it is a traditional euphemism for shithouse.In the old days these were often sited so as to discharge their contents straight into streams and rivers.I have heard old timers blame the decline in fish stocks on the decline in use of the traditional Ty Bach.

You'll get a whole new raft of Flu when you and your fowl eat one another's poo.

Just like China!

A return to chamberpots and chambermaids? Hello 1492!

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