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Three Cheers for the ArchBish

Iain Dale's Diary

There's one law for everybody... I think that's a bit of a danger...

The Devil's Kitchen

Dr Williams argues that adopting some aspects of Countryside law would help maintain social cohesion.

For example, Farmers could choose to have footpath disputes or horse dealing matters dealt with in a court at The Red Lion.

He says Fox hunters should not have to choose between "the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty".

Why the fuck should us out here in the sticks have to obey the laws made by the metropolitan elite which are discriminate against our culture and our heritage? The gibbets will be erected as quickly as the border posts once we get the say so that we can set up our own laws and courts. Pikey Pete won't come round stealing scrap twice and having a Permatan will get you classified as a game species with no closed season. Oh my joy is unbounded as I think of the glorious future... - sorry, what? It isn't for the indigenous English with our old customs rooted in the countryside he is proposing it for? It is for the Mahometans? Didn't know they were part of the CofE now, but then so much has changed it is hard to keep up. We pay out tithes from 855 to 1977 to keep the Bishops in fat and gold and what fucking thanks do we get? Does he suggest destroying the whole basis of common law and justice to keep the countryside happy, does he buggery? But wave a few green flags and rattle some chains against some radiators and the old beardy can't prostrate himself quick enough.


I believe the usual English response to the Archbishop...beheading...is too-much like the Mohammadin's own Sharia tradition?

I just dont understand this...surely he has to go?...I take my orders supposedly from our chap in Rome so I'm not sure how to get rid of this twat.

Hey theo, you're going to love this


I think they are taking the pi$$ out of eurovison.

The lyrics mean "who I am? Check please. My hostel ran out of gas. My gas ran out. Two double piece of chocolate cake. Enough of green beans! Summer light ,that is summer light. Potatoes,beans,onions,lobster - I am enough of these."

spread the word. Perhaps they will win :)

King Henry II knew how to deal with turbulent priests.

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