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Worstall proven right again

Wild and wacky, but that’s why the whole world wants to watch - Times Online

People used to mock Manchester United because they had fans in Chertsey and Richmond. Now they have fans in Ouagadougou and Kowloon Tong as well – and so do most other clubs in the Premier League. In recent months I have discussed intimate details of life in the Premier League in Zambia, in Kenya, in France and even in Italy, a place that prides itself on its own football.

The league has become England’s great export to the world. Where the British once sought to buy hearts and minds with beads and mirrors, guns and sewage pipes, we now supply the sexiest brand of football in the world.

As Worstall says: Exports are just the dreary shite we have to do to be able to buy the imports.

And League Football is one huge bunch of dreary shite that we are all better off if it is exported, preferably for good.


It HAS been exported, only the matches are still being played in England (so far). Whenever I watch the Premier League these days, I try to play "spot the English player". If I can find four per match, on both sides, it's a good day.

Man U fans are like rats. You are never more than ten feet from one and they know nothing about football.

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