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Your land is my land, my land is my own.

Path to throw open entire coastline - Telegraph

Plans to give open access to the entire English coastline have been unveiled.

Everyone will have the right to walk a new 2,500-mile pathway round the coast under the proposed scheme.

It will create the first ever 'right to roam' at the edge of thousands of privately-owned beaches, golf courses and farms.

David Miliband, who will open up the scheme for consultation, said: "We are an island nation. The coast is our birthright and everyone should be able to enjoy it.

"I want families to have safe and secure access to walk, climb, rock scramble, paddle and play all along our coastline.

This socialist seizure of private property rights, without compensation, has at last found a champion to resist it:

Benn under fire over 'private' patch of Essex - Telegraph

...signs outside the imposing house on the Blackwater estuary in Essex clearly state "no public footpath", "private garden" and "please do not trespass". Stansgate Abbey Farm, the country home of Hilary Benn's (the Environment Secretary who has promised to open up England's coastline to walkers) father, Tony.


Shorely shome mishtake?

Wedgie will probably wangle some cop-out due to his "position". Hypocrite.

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