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The Devil's Love Blondes

The Devil, being a young whipper snapper, is impressed by Kim Wilde. I won't allow anyone to best me on admiration for Marty's daughter; I watched bleary eyed one Saturday Morning as her first video was premièred and clutching the remains of my student grant I hotfooted it down Cornmarket to Woolies and bought it, setting her on her career. But Madam Kim is only, and exactly, six months older than me and so played no part in L'Education des Adolescents, unlike the blessed Debbie Harry.

As an educational service to such youngsters let me present Kim's memento mori to the early 1980s - this is how it was...


I bought x offender when it first came out...I was a Debbie fan from then till now...compared to the hippy chicks back in the day she was a walking wet dream.

Kids In America was the bollocks. Nothing else she did was in the same league, sadly.

I prefer feminine women.

Kim Wilde kept my anger fed for years.

i remember this was the 1st video i saw by Kim Wilde, thought on my my she looks sexy and beautiful, she probably is the Only star who has both. I like the way she moves her face expressions and the way she walks its just mezmorizing -she is a LOVE blonde

Now Kim, there is a woman like you I was happy to spend the money I had on her LP's I even had a nice picture disk with an interview, time to go out and buy some CD's I think :) Ian

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