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The Best of the Breed

Anti-hunting ban campaigner Sheila Castle dies - Telegraph

An 84-year-old huntswoman and "stalwart of the countryside" who campaigned tirelessly against the hunting ban died Sunday morning after falling from her horse... while out with Norfolk's Dunston Harriers for whom she was acting hunt master.

"There aren't many of us who get our dying wish but that was Sheila's," said family friend Helen Yallop. "To be following the hounds, in the hunting field, it's what we'd all wish for."

Margaret Wilkins, whose daughters grew up hunting alongside Mrs Castle, said: "We are all terribly sad but Sheila would not want that. Instead, we will plan a huge hunt meet next week to remember her the way she would have wanted. She will pass into local legend."

Scanning the papers full of the dross of humanity who pass for our leaders and role model celebrities it is sometimes hard to forget the stoic yeomen of England still exist. So mourn the passing of, and give thanks for one such woman. We need more of them.


I'd be out there too flaunting the law.

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