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The Perils of Drinking

Brightest are the heaviest drinkers - Times Online

INTELLIGENT people are at higher risk of suffering from alcohol problems than their less gifted friends, a study by the Medical Research Council has found.

The findings, published in the American Journal of Public Health, have surprised the researchers, who expected clever professionals to know enough about the damage caused by alcohol to avoid overindulging.

Last year we also learnt the richer people drink more and that people who live in "hazardous drinking" areas live longer:


Maybe there is something more than a correlation going on here. My own thoughts are that if you are bright and understand what is going on around you in this country the only way to view the future with any sort of equanimity is through the bottom of a glass.


It's Darwinism in action. Alcohol kills the slow, weak, lazy brain cells, leaving more room for fast, strong intelligent ones.

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