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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bill of Rights will not be enforceable - Telegraph

The new Bill of Rights will not be legally enforceable, the Justice Secretary Jack Straw is set to admit...

Instead of new, legally protected rights he wants to explore how the Bill could enhance national pride, without being "justiciable" or enforceable in court.

He will say that if economic and social rights are part of the Bill but are not legally enforceable "this would not in any way make the exercise worthless".

"A Bill of Rights and Responsibilities could give people a clearer idea of what we can expect from the state and from each other, and provide an ethical framework for giving practical effect to our common values."

Roger Smith director of the civil rights group Justice, said: "Any politician using the words Bill of Rights creates the expectation that they will deliver a major constitutional settlement, not some fuzzy statement that has no legal force."

A pottage of platitudes which will enrich the lawyers and enrage the people. I hope he remembers to include all his favourite things along with respecting the flag and Mum's apple pie.


I also seem to remember 'that in return you will have some obligations....' Whats the betting they will end up legally enforcable.

For starters, how about these two non-enforceable rights:

1 I have the right to pay income tax,

2 MPs have the right to a pension and housing allowance.

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