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Angela Eagle Obfuscates

Treasury 'has enjoyed £4bn fuel windfall' - Telegraph

Motoring and business groups have united in condemning the Government after it denied it had enjoyed a multi-billion pound windfall from the soaring price of oil.

Ministers provoked further anger by rejecting pleas to shelve a planned rise of 2p per litre in fuel duty.

Motoring groups said the rising price of oil is benefiting the Treasury by as much as £4billion.

But Angela Eagle, a junior Treasury minister, said: "The Government rejects the notion that there is a windfall, as any increase in VAT receipts from the retail fuel sector is not by design."

Angela, of all the slippery excuses we have heard from NuLabour that is the most brazen;

Windfall: Definition from Answers.com

An unexpected profit from a business or other source. The term connotes gaining huge profits without working for them — for example, when oil companies profit from a temporary scarcity of oil.

If it wasn't "unexpected" it wouldn't be a "windfall" - and when the privatised utilities made "windfall profits" Gordon was quick to grab them to waste on his welfare to work scheme.


With such intellectual giants as Ms Eagle at the Treasury how can the country stumble into recession?

All hail The Great Helmsman for selecting people of Ms Eagle's obvious intelligence. Viva Gordon Brown! Viva!

Unlike the UK where tax is shown inclusively of price, in the States prices are shown "plus tax". I wonder how the Great Lethargic British Public would respond to filling stations advertising Unleaded at £ 0.45 per litre PLUS TAX! (£ 0.45 probably needs revised,,, downwards).

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