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Pile it high and sell it cheap, but not in out town.

Shoppers to pay for superstore shake-up - Times Online
Supermarkets are to face public shaming and huge fines if they use their size to force down prices paid to their suppliers, the Competition Commission will announce today.

The commission will recommend the appointment of a statutory regulator to judge pricing disputes between retailers and farmers, dairy companies, abattoirs, food processors and packers, The Times has learnt.

As part of the revolutionary proposals – dubbed “Offshop” – a competition test will be put in place before planning authorities can grant permission for a new store. Councils will have to take into account whether one supermarket chain is dominating an area – so-called “Tesco towns” – before granting the go-ahead for a new store.

However, supermarkets have threatened to pass the cost of the new controls on to customers in higher prices, at a time when the cost of living is rising.

So public waged and pensioned pen pushers who have never striven to compete for business in their lives will out judge the commercial acumen of Tesco and please their masters the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker on the Council . And there is surprise that the consumers will have to pay for all his anti-competitiveness, in the end who else is there to pay? Dickheads.


Yes, it's yet more barminess in the land where the lunatics run the asylum.

On a more local note, that Pacific Poker banner ad pops up a nasty little box asking me to download some software. I'd get shot of it, if I were this website's owner. That's just me though.

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