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X rated Tea Time

Schools face ban on serving tea to under-16s - Telegraph

Schools could be told to stop serving hot tea to under-16s on health and safety grounds.

The Government-funded School Food Trust said restrictions may be added to guidelines on drinks approved for consumption in state schools.

In a consultation document, it said hot coffee and tea had "minimal" nutritional benefits and posed potential safety risks.

"Should tea and coffee sales be limited to adults and children 16 and over?" the consultation asked.

And for once they have found a teacher to speak sense...Mick Brookes, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: "I can understand the anxiety about young people eating appropriate food but this nannying really has to end.

''This just cuts into people's civil liberties."


Weren't boys at Eton given a beer allowance in the eighteenth century and maybe later for health and safety reasons (their "drinking" water was polluted)?

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