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The Wiltshire Cure for EU caused job losses

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Museum seeks Bowyer memorabilia

Trowbridge museum is looking for memorabilia on the town's Bowyer plant which is due to close next month as part of a review by owners Pork Farms.

An exhibition looking back at the pie company's 200 year connection to the area begins on 15 March.

Pork Farms is closing the factory and investing in a Nottingham plant to be able to continue producing Melton Mowbray pork pies under EU laws.

If we can't carry on making Pork Pies down here in Wiltshire how about stopping all those bacon producers claiming to use a Wiltshire Cure unless they are in Wiltshire.


All very well giving bacon a Wiltshire Cure (mmm, delicious), but what illness did the pig have?

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