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Bien Peasant - A definition

Supermarkets are selling us out | India Knight - Times Online

Supermarkets are like tower block housing: what once looked like the future now feels mired in the past and what once felt thrilling and new now seems tired and passé....

Far from quickening the consumer’s spendthrift heart, the sight of yet another out-of-town monolith makes it sink like a stone.....

Who really wants to live cheek-by-jowl with some monstrous new supermarket development? Who is really being helped here? The supermarkets themselves may speak proudly of job creation and of helping the local economy, but what about people’s quality of life? What about the disfiguring ugliness of these buildings? And, most of all, how are small local businesses supposed to deal with what is effectively a death warrant?

We are complete imbeciles when it comes to supermarkets: we still think, by and large, that they are doing us a kindness by existing. I don’t say this wearing an eco-warrior, anticapitalist, down-with-big-business hat, but rather as a consumer with a family who has, until recently, relied heavily on the weekly supermarket shop. I realise I am speaking from a fortunate standpoint: I can afford to pay a little more for organic and locally sourced ingredients, ....

I note that "bien-peasant" doesn't seem to have a definition on the web - may I suggest we have found one. (though why it should be peasant not paysanne I don't know.


"I note that "bien-peasant" doesn't seem to have a definition on the web"

Because it's a typo for bien-pensant, perhaps?

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