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Professor Julian Le Grand - Tit

A reader writes:

Did you not pick up the £10 license fee to smoke. Dear old Tom in our local
pub, gave up coming to the pub after July. He was a veteran of Dunkirk and
of D-Day 1. He used to enjoy coming to the pub in the evening and smoking
his pipe of Digger Shag. But not anymore. He died last week of boredom,
stuck in his house because he could not go down the pub to socialize. 80
pubs a week close now. The families don’t come in. Our local closes at 10.
0’clock on Fridays now. Because no one is there.

An Englishman’s Castle notices this?

I did notice it and Professor Julian Le Grand's plan for a smoking permit has rightly received a proper kicking all over Blogistan. There is little I can add to help heap odium onto his obnoxious head except to make an exception to my general rules on the blog and be gratuitously offensive to his sensibilities.
(Apologies if it upsets you as well.)



And they say smoking's bad for your chest.

Feel free to offend in this manner as often as you like.

Well the folk who make their living from the licensed trade should have seen this coming. They should have used their unions to protest against the smoking regulations on the grounds that it would jeopardize their livelihood. I think the LVA spoke out, but I don't recall seeing any picket lines outside the pubs prior to the ban. They could have lobbied for a seperate smoking room in every bar, but they didn't. They remained smugly silent while paying customers were shunted outside into the rain. And all those "potential customers" who insisted they would start going to the pubs under the smoke free regime, have never showed up.

Like most smokers, I no longer go near the place, and I don't miss it at all. If I want a drink I stay at home, it is cheaper, and I can smoke whenever I want. And now the non-smoking regulars have deserted the local too, apparently they are fed up because it's lonely and boring and about as convivial as the benefit office. Well that's what you get when you turn a lively bustling pub into a safe, healthy workplace. Safe healthy redundancy and a town centre that's as dead as a doornail.

I am highly offended, please offend me again. Like Monty I don't have a smug and expensive "local" anymore and enjoy myself at home as I please instead. Don't know how much longer it will last though, so if you're not gonna use your Army over in The Sand, please come and Liberate California.

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