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Darling's Toon Army

Alistair Darling nationalises Northern Rock - Telegraph
The Chancellor, Alistair Darling, has announced that the beleaguered bank Northern Rock will be brought into temporary public ownership....Corporate trouble shooter Ron Sandler has been appointed executive chairman of the newly nationalised bank, which he said would continue to have a "key role to play in the North East".

The North East? Hmmm let us just remind ourselves why my Darling has spunked away billions of pounds of taxpayers money, let us look at a constituency map of the North East.

Notice anything?



Wow! I came across your website by accident, and I did a double take to find someone else who has the same analysis as I do about the bail out. I don't doubt the rescue was done for economic reasons (although some would argue that a failing business should live and die by market forces) but there's no doubt that a sizeable "motivation" was the preservation of the North East vote.

In the US they call this pork barrel politics, but if figures of £100 billion are to be believed then this is a sizeable chunk of GDP.


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