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Spliffy answer to the food "crises"

The Press Association: Cameron warns of 'global food crunch'

David Cameron is to warn of Britain's vulnerability to a "global food crunch" as he sets out a package of measures to support home-grown farming.

With increasing competition for farm produce from the growing economies of China and India, the growing market for biofuels to provide "green" energy and the threat of global warming, the Tory leader will say that the era of abundant food supplies may be drawing to an end....

And he will say that British farmers must "reconnect with their customers" by wooing them away from the supermarkets with organic box delivery schemes, farmers' markets and local shops.

"These three things, I believe, will help us face down the ever-growing threat to our food security," he will say.

Dave, why do you come out with such tosh? Organic food boxes, ruddy faced yeoman selling misshapened carrots and the corner shop are all jolly nice but in the scheme of the global food business are so insignificant it is insulting to mention them as "cures" for a the "problem".

Though as you are talking to my trade union we don't see it as a problem, as NFU president Peter Kendall will argue that Britain has a "moral duty" to the rest of the world to step up its production of food and biofuels. Keeps the prices up and land prices have soared so trebles all round.


Well its not like the tories to jump on a bhand wagon. Today there is enough food it the world to feed every man, woman and child, this is without question true. for the past 50 years the world has produced more and more food, so much so that the vast majority of it cant be eaten. Local farmers are trying to diversify their income streams, but the truth of the matter is that as long as supermarkets continue to have an Iron grip on food distrobution and pricing nothing is going to change. The idea of farmers markets, organic boxes and so on is a good thing, but that about the people who live in the middle of a city, where farms and farmers markets are non existant, and what about low incme families.

In my eyes the thing that needs to change is the way the food distrobution system works, the power that the big 4 supermarkets have needs to be challenged and roled back, especially when it comes to what they pay the suppliers.

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