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Nurse - the medication!

'Tony Blair sanctioned racist plot to murder Diana' - Times Online

The alleged plot involved Prince Philip, Prince Charles, British, French and American security services, the French judiciary, ambulance staff, pathologists, newspaper editors, two former Metropolitan police commissioners, the Princess’s sister and brother-in-law, the former British ambassador to France, and the Princess’s lawyer, among others, and it was sanctioned by Tony Blair.

The motive was racist...

Hey Mo you forgot to include me - I've still got the white fiat in my barn...


Even some random journo outside the inquest was declared an MI6 agent!

My middle son wanted to watch Tellytubbies in the morning of her death but the news was on all channels. Then we had to drive from Dublin to London (via ferry) with only funeral type music on the radio. This was a major conspiracy to drive me up the wall. Was there any news coverage of this? No. Complete cover-up – I demand justice and compensation! Do you know the fury of a two year old deprived of his Tellytubby fix? Or the hell being in a car for eight hours with said two year old and his seven year old brother with no decent music other then taped nursery rhymes? It has taken me years to push this to the back of my mind and now Mr Fayed drags it all up again. I think I might have to sue for mental cruelty.

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