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We own a bank!

'No timetable, no guarantee of success…but no option' - Scotsman.com News

NORTHERN Rock will be in public ownership for years to come, its new boss has warned,


Northern Rock deal could cost us each £3,500 - Telegraph

The cost of the Northern Rock crisis has reached the equivalent of £3,500 for every taxpayer as experts warned that the nationalisation rescue of the bank was bound to fail.

I always thought it would be more fun and rewarding to be the owner of a bank....


I think the new boss of Northern Rock will certainly be having fun on £90,000 a week - yes, a week.

Whatever happened to personal risk and people taking the rewards along with the falls? Nanny Brown says no one must be hurt as we all belong to him. Next kids won't be allowed to use jumpers for goalposts.

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