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Jacqui's CD Blues Volume 12

Lost data lets killers roam free for a year - Telegraph

Wanted murderers and rapists were allowed to commit crimes for a year after prosecutors lost a disc containing 4,000 DNA profiles, it has emerged.

Police chiefs were co-ordinating a manhunt across England and Wales to try to catch the suspects. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, is expecting to be briefed about the unfolding scandal by Friday. The problems began last January when Dutch prosecutors sent a CD containing the DNA profiles of 4,000 suspected rapists to the Crown Prosecution Service in London.

The Dutch were keen to see if any of their wanted criminals were in Britain. However the disc was lost and only turned up last month.

Last week the CD was finally checked against the UK's DNA database. The results showed 15 of the suspects were in the country and 11 had committed a crime in the past 12 months. Whitehall sources said that the crimes committed were serious assaults, which could include sexual assaults, thefts and burglaries.

What is it with the Home Office and data discs? And just being naive why doesn't someone invent a protocol for transferring files over the interwebby thing instead of using Postman Pat - or would that drag us out of the 1970s where the current bout of policies is miring us?


I really fail to see the difficulty in this.
I have worked as a courier and had to carry sensitive documents (criminal trial)
You sign when you pick it up, someone authorised signs when you deliver, job done.

YOur taxes have already spent a fortune building an interwebby wotsit that ought to do that.

Didn't we used to have people tasked with this sort of thing? Queens Messengers or some such?

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