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Toothpicking Boars

Wild boar under fire and on the menu - Times Online

Boar hunting is to return to pockets of English woodland in an attempt to keep down their numbers.

A selective cull was sanctioned yesterday, 400 years after the last native wild boar reputedly met its end on the hunting lance of King James I....

Some boar hunting or stalking is already taking place on private land. Shooting experts believe that farmers will start to charge individuals to hunt on their land.

Three years after the ban on hunting with hounds in England and Wales, boar hunting will help to boost the rural economy. Charlie Jacoby, the editor of Sporting Rifleman, said he believed that boar hunting would take off. ...

— No licence is required to hunt boar in Britain. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation recommends using a minimum .270 calibre rifle and advises marksmen to aim for the heart and lungs

Poofs - all you need is a decent knife and a couple of dogs.

(Unfortunately because of the old war wound I can't join in, so I will be off to get a firearm variation...)


I read Peter Capstick's piece about hunting boar with dogs and a knife in Argentina; you go right ahead. I'll keep the knife as backup behind the .45, first line being a rifle. Or shotgun.

I read Peter Capstick's piece a few years back on hunting boar in Argentina with a knife; no thank you. I'll keep the knife for dressing, and keep the rifle or shotgun as primary.

there are some quite reasonable double barrel rifles / drillings up on Guntrader ... do it, you know it makes sense

Minimum of a .270??? I'd not feel comfortable facing down wild boar with anything less than a 12 bore slug or a .45/70, and preferably a magnum double rifle of some kind... Not sure what hog hunters will be doing for backups what with the handgun ban and all, I guess it'll be group hunts only...

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