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G Men

Scientists finally discover the elusive G-spot - Telegraph

The good news is scientists have finally found the elusive G-spot. The bad news is only some women have them....

Dr Jannini accepted his study was too small to help determine what proportion of women has a G-spot, and is planning larger trials to answer that question....His initial findings would suggest a large proportion do not - a conclusion supported by previous questionnaire-based research which found 70 per cent of women do not orgasm during intercourse...

He added that there was no reason for women who suspect they do not have a G-spot to despair.

"They can still have a normal orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris. One clear finding is that each woman is different. That is one reason women are so interesting."

Typical Italian man! You make up your own jokes, I'll just sit here parting my eyebrows with my tongue and smiling!


Typical, no link to the researcher's website. I want to see if they've got any jobs going!

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