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Euro MPs, thieving corrupt bastards try to cover up their thieving corrupt practices to prevent voters knowing what thieving corrupt bastards they are.

'Criminal abuse' of expenses by Euro-MPs - Telegraph

A secret European Parliament report has uncovered "extensive, widespread and criminal abuse" by Euro-MPs of staff allowances worth almost £100 million a year.

Senior Euro-MPs and European Union officials have tried to hush up an internal audit that found severe problems and endemic misuse of funds worth at least £98.4 million a year, more than £125,000 for each of the 785 Euro-MPs.

Such is the extent of the abuse found in a sample group of 167 Euro-MPs that "terrified" parliamentary authorities have shrouded the report in secrecy and security.

Harald Rømer, the secretary-general of the European Assembly, was asked late on Monday night by Hans-Gert Pöttering, its president, and a group of senior Euro-MPs, to take measures to ensure that there was no "collateral damage" from the report.

"We want reform but we cannot make this report available to the public if we want people to vote in the European elections next year," said a source close to the decision.

Just when you thought the rotten stench of the EU administration couldn't get worse, it does.

The red mist is starting to descend....


Under British and American jurisprudence, no one is above the law. I guess the EU is blazing their own trail. This is truly amazing.

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