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Benn's Farm Subsidy

Guy Fawkes' blog of parliamentary plots, rumours and conspiracy: Benn Was Against the CAP Before He Was in Favour of the CAP

Hilary's father Tony, the second Viscount Stansgate, has now retired to the family seat, Stansgate Abbey Farm on the Essex coast. From this satellite picture it appears to be a working farm. Guido wonders if the family farm benefits from CAP subsidies?

United Kingdom: mr aw benn | farmsubsidy.org

Data obtained by farmsubsidy.org reveals farm subsidy payments to MR AW BENN totalling GBP £122 355 (€195 352)

The government has refused to release any address information for MR AW BENN.

Just a coincidence of name, surely?


Damned internet! Caught out by the facts again!

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