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Modern Policing; all logos, concepts, mottos and core values.

Police spend £120,000 on a new logo - The Scotsman
THERE can surely be few more distinctive sights than a police car with its lights flashing, or a beat bobbie in full uniform.

But one Scottish police force has decided it is simply not recognisable enough.

Officials at Lothian and Borders Police have come up with a new logo to tell people who they are – and have spent £120,000 in the process.

...One officer, who did not want to be named, said: "It is a waste of money. We read in the papers they cannot afford to pay police pensions, yet they are willing to spend all this on a new logo.

"Senior officers say they want us to have a more distinct corporate identity. But we already have an identity – we are the police, we wear a uniform everyone recognises."

The force paid tens of thousands of pounds to designers and consultants who concluded that the public did not recognise their existing logo – a traditional crest bearing a Saltire composed of blue and white checks.

Instead, the force has splashed out on a simple logo which carries the words "Lothian and Borders Police", with a curved design intended to combine the concept of protection and the force's geographical area.

A new motto, "work with us", will also be adopted by the country's second largest force, as part of what police say is an attempt to give themselves a "new tone of voice", that will include adopting a new set of core values.

Bing! I'm a winner at Marketing Bullshit Bingo, I just knew "core values" was going to be in there, along with the rest of the guff.


Well I for one think it's money well spent.

We need to have the whole lot across the UK do the same thing.

It ensures that we don't mix up this lot of money grabbing state thugs with what used to be our beloved police force.

Perhaps the "core values" could incorporate Sir Robert Peel's "Nine Rules for Policing". Then they might,just, be worth what they are paid.

Why the hell do they need a new set of core values? Are they embarrased because they cannot fulfil the old ones: protecting the public from villains?

And like the anon copper says: what more of a corporate identity do you need when your staff walk around with tits on their heads?

RM's Second Rule Of Business - when the suits start changing the logo or the letterheads it's a sign of a distinct lack of brains in the head shed.

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