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Stern lecture on Climate Change

Britain, climate change leaders | Nicholas Stern - Times Online

Nicholas Stern

Climate change is the greatest market failure the world has seen. It requires large-scale and international action....at least 80 per cent reductions by 2050 for the UK (relative to 1990)...Reversing the trend to higher global temperatures, more extreme and variable local weather patterns, increasing costs of natural disasters and potentially enormous population movements requires an urgent worldwide shift towards a low-carbon economy. Sound policy and international collaboration can deliver strong and clean growth for all at reasonable cost. Weak or delayed action will eventually choke off growth and is a far more costly option....But we should go farther......

I wonder if he has a theory about the death of Diana as well.


The mother ship is in orbit and they are preparing to land.

Clean strong growth, out with the weak

All sounds a little... Nazi anyone

Of course he has. Her habitat was destroyed by global warming, don't you understand anything?

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