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South African Crime News

Cape Times: Life's a bit of a fag for would-be thief impaled on fence

An unlucky thief had his world literally turned upside down on Friday night when he became impaled on palisade fencing.

The man was apparently trying to steal goods from informal traders in Cathedral Street here when his plan went awry.

ER24 paramedic Katya Evans said that emergency services personnel arrived at the scene on Saturday morning to find the unfortunate man hanging upside down with one foot still impaled on the large metal rods, and an unlit cigarette hanging from his pursed lips.

"He had been trying to climb over the fence and both his feet had been impaled," said Evans.

"During the course of the evening he had managed to free one foot.

According to by-standers at the scene, the man had been "hanging from the fence for nearly 12 hours".

She added that firefighters had assisted paramedics in getting the foiled thief down.

"Sometime during the night someone had obviously felt sorry for him and given him a cigarette.

"It appears that no one was kind enough to offer him a light."

No that is heartless....


By standers...12 hours?...street justice at its best,although a mild beating may not have gone amiss.

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