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The DNA register, the fight is on.

Call for DNA database after Mark Dixie jailed - Telegraph

A senior police officer called for a new nationwide DNA database....

Police face DNA ban - Times Online

European judges could strip the profiles of more than half a million people from the national DNA database on privacy grounds — undermining its growing value to police as an investigative tool.

As two sex killers caught by the database were jailed for life yesterday and a senior detective joined calls for a universal register, the European Court of Human Rights will hear a case that could mean 560,000 DNA samples being destroyed. Two people charged with offences but never convicted will ask the court next week to remove their records from the database. If they succeed, 13 per cent of the 4.3 million profiles collected since 1995 would have to be destroyed.

BBC NEWS | UK | Mandatory DNA database rejected
There are no plans to extend the DNA database to contain information from all people, the Home Office has said.

Looks like Plod is pushing hard for the DNA register, a couple of swabs is so much easier than going out into the cold and looking for other clues. And why should the innocent worry about being tagged and bagged, if they have nothing to hide, etc etc.....


That copper fails to realise that the "bestest dna database in the whole wide world" would not make Sally Anne Bowman any less brutalized or any less dead.

Still if he had more time off from investigating, he could spend it trying to construct a logical argument instead of that emotive specious bollocks he was spouting during his 15 minutes...

Did plod never catch villains before DNA? It would seem that our police force and the intelligence it gained from knowing the local populace worked, now all that is sadly lacking. Intelligence consists of knowing people not using remote cameras. Still it doesn't take much intelligence to watch endless video tapes.

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