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A Pig Farmer writes

sob_logo.gifHigh price of wheat threatens pig farms - Telegraph

Desperate UK pig farmers have doubled the usual number of breeding sows they are sending to slaughter to 7,000 a week because they can no longer afford to feed them following a doubling of wheat prices since last summer.

The high number of animals being culled lays bare a crisis that is devastating the pig industry. Wheat is the main constituent of pig feed, and, on average, farmers are losing £27 per pig due to the massive increase in overheads.

When you buy your bacon for the weekend, buy British. It's as easy as
checking the pack. Then the people who produce it might just get a few
pence of that. If you want to be sure that it is being passed on, then
you are safer buying your bacon from Waitrose, where all pork products
and 95 per cent of the bacon is British.

British pig farms have some of the highest welfare standards in
the world, and British pork and bacon tastes wonderful. Yet we continue
to choose cheaper imports for what – around 10p less per packet? –
almost guaranteeing a future in which British bacon becomes a luxury
food item from a niche specialist, and we have no choice at all. It
doesn't make sense.



I'd rather buy foreign than British in case I inadvertently buy Scottish or Welsh products.

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